Le Vieux Loup Photography


I believe photography is about capturing moments that should be remembered forever. Just having a photo that accurately portrays how someone looks on a particular day or in a particular place can be good. But capturing the person in a way that tells a story is much better. This particularly applies to any performing art. I have the experience of photographing professional and competition dancers for over 10 years.

Dancing is a performing art that is telling a story. Listen to the instructors and pay attention to how many times they talk about expression, not just with your face, but with your whole body. Each choreography is telling a story. It has ‘accent’ points where the facial expression combines with a particular movement to stress an important element of the story. These are the precious moments I believe should be captured to save forever. Life in itself is a dance, an art, a continuing story. And we all feel the music in some way as we live life. Capture those moments to remember forever.

You can contact me at Le_Vieux_Loup@outlook.com or see more of my recent work at https://www.facebook.com/LeVieuxLoupPhotography/

A NOTE ON FINAL PRINTS AND DOWNLOADS: The photos posted have had only basic corrections made. Any photo ordered that is 5x7 or larger will receive another custom editing pass for additional corrections as well as basic blemish removal and smoothing for close ups. Custom corrections are available on request. ALL photos receive color and lighting corrections at the professional photo lab. Full sized JPEG’s will also receive this additional processing, but you must contact me before downloading to allow me time to complete the processing. Contact: Le_Vieux_Loup@outlook.com